Why 108?

This is an excerpt of 108 ⟵click, enter.
108 is a self-published book project chronicling the research,
set in motion by two sculptural, visual works that revolve around 108,
produced in an on-going process until the edition quantity of 108 is reached.
Every book is hand-made. There is a 9-colour spectrum of the spine-stitching.
The cover is hand-embossed with a symbol designed based on Mongol script, meaning 108.

It consists of 3 chapters of the found fragments of information regarding this particular number.
And further 3 chapters of a short story that moves between fiction, dream and memories––literally.
The narrative was conceived from an object––a stone––and a dream, weaving itself through the memories of
Mongolia, but in the setting of a fictional world imbued with inherent Mongol shamanic qualities.